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Twitter or twotter

August 9, 2010

Is Twitter a valuable business tool or just a load of utter twaddle? We think it is great if used correctly, thanks to this site for the free twitter marketing guide


How to get a web site indexed quickly by Google

August 2, 2010

Many website owners are updating their sites on a regular basis.Sometimes Google takes a while to index the site. Historically it can take up to 2 weeks between visits from the google bot.

There are a number of ways to get visited quickly, firstly add new content, Google loves fresh content. so try and add some new content at least once a week, or if you can everyday. Social media up dates such as twitter are also good, as google crawls the tweet and your link.

The best way is to do this…. Write an article about the problem and include a backlink to your site!

This is the easiest way to get Google’s attention. Next twitter and digg, job done!

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