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Five very easy link Building tips for a new website

March 25, 2011

The old adage build it and they will come does not sadly apply to any kind of website.

I know you are not going to want to hear this but I have ONE WORD SEO.

Seo sounds and probably is confusing for many, but follow these five simple tips and you are on the way.

1-Create a sitemap, google or any other search engine can not find you if it does not know you exist, sign up to Google with a new account and follow the links.

2- find directories that are in your niche, for example if you sell clothing find fashion directories. Be warned dont submit to hundreds a day, the big engines dont like these.

3- Content, every site needs new and original content, the easiest ways to do this are create a news page, write about a new product, making sure you build internal links.

4- Like it or not Social media, Google loves fresh content and twitter is the best place to build new content in real time.

5-Blog and more blogging, write about your products, write about what interests you and get those deep internal page links working. Dont forget submit your blog to Blog feeds and directories too.

Now this takes time, for example we began doing some outsourced work on a new website  in the fashion in December 2010. Bearing in mind that fashion is very competitive we have built up over 80 quality links to the site and it now receives  over 20,ooo unique visits every month.

Seo takes time, stay away from the quick fixes and build slowly and build quality.


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