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How to get a web site indexed quickly by Google

August 2, 2010

Many website owners are updating their sites on a regular basis.Sometimes Google takes a while to index the site. Historically it can take up to 2 weeks between visits from the google bot.

There are a number of ways to get visited quickly, firstly add new content, Google loves fresh content. so try and add some new content at least once a week, or if you can everyday. Social media up dates such as twitter are also good, as google crawls the tweet and your link.

The best way is to do this…. Write an article about the problem and include a backlink to your site!

This is the easiest way to get Google’s attention. Next twitter and digg, job done!

Why use Micro sites for seo?

May 25, 2010

Microsites to increasing search engine traffic.?

Microsites for SEO is a popular strategy employed by online businesses.  Basically a Microsite is a common term for setting up niche sites for specific product ranges or brands that attract strong search results due to their targeted nature.Many online businesses see these  as a way of creating back  links and getting higher rankings but are they?

There seems to be two camps here, one don’t do it as gGogle is smarter than that and will see you are trying to fradudently creaet links, Two do it cant do any harm, after all a link is a link?

I think we could all do far worse than to read this post here by Hobo Seo

My view is do it but only if you know what you are doing!

Free email marketing guide- Get your emails opened

May 19, 2010

Following on for our last post on why to use email marketing, here is a great link for a free download

Why use email Marketing

April 3, 2010

Why Send Email?
How email and newsletter follow up increases customer lifespan.

In This Article…

If you’re considering implementing an email marketing program but aren’t sure if it’s really worth the time or effort, this article explains how email marketing can turn your customers into more loyal customers who, in turn, are more profitable customers. In this article, Lancashire  Rose Blinds explains the customer lifecycle and what type of email to send at each point to get the most out of your customers and your email marketing program.

The Customer Life  cycle and Email

All customers have a life  cycle with your company or brand. They start when they become a customer, are active as they make a certain number of purchases or site visits, and then lapse or exit your brand. Email is a reliable, robust and cost effective way to both acquire new customers and also to make your existing customers repeat, loyal customers.

Because even bulk email is easy to personalize, you can create messages that speak to customers’ exact needs at any point in the customer lifecycle. You can affordably contact and recruit new customers, and you can also continue to promote your company to customers after their initial purchase. Sending existing customers email reminders, special offers or even just information newsletters gives those customers a reason to return to your company or website and, ultimately, makes them more valuable to you.

Sending the right email at the right point in a customer’s lifecycle is the key to activating, retaining and even winning back customers. Here’s what to send, and when!

New Customers: Make Them Feel a Part of Something!

You’ve got a customer! What’s the best way to make sure that customer keeps coming back? Make them feel like they’re special and part of a conversation with your company instead of just a nameless face in your customer database.

Adding an automated email (with personalization if your database captures it) that generates after an initial sign-up or purchase is a great retention tool.  The email should not only thank the customer for the purchase but also ask them for feedback, educate them about your company and give them clear directions on how to contact customer service for any of their needs.

Active Customers: Newsletters and Weekly Specials Keep Them Paying Attention

We all know that very few active customers will stay active customers forever. However, one way to extend the length of time during which they will stay active is to use email to give them both relevant information and incentives to continue purchasing.

A simple weekly email that includes a quote of the week or fun fact and that week’s special goes miles to keeping customers engaged.. Content such as articles and factoids will drive opens and readership even when a customer isn’t in a purchasing cycle and therefore increases customers’ engagement time with your brand.

Short Term Lapsed Customers: A Little Push!

Most places define “short term lapsed” customers as customers who haven’t taken an action in the last thirty days. This may vary for your product and purchasing cycle. The most important email that you can send is to identify these “just lapsed” customers and send them an offer right as they are hitting the short term lapsed threshold.

At that point in their customer life cycle, customers will still have brand awareness and loyalty. It may take just a small offer from you to get them back into the purchasing cycle. Sending them an offer to respond to before they become further distanced from your company or brand will have the greatest impact on lengthening customer lifespan.

Seasonal Customers: Remind Them That You Exist!

If you market a seasonal product, you should send a cycle of emails to your lapsed clients leading up to their seasonal purchases. They’ll certainly be getting exposed to marketing messages from your competitors and may just need a friendly reminder from you that you’ve successfully met their seasonal needs before. Identifying these users in your database and communicating with them at the right time brings them back, and extends their value to you.

Email marketing can be as simple as sending a weekly newsletter that summarizes what happened with your company that week, but it also has potential beyond that. Taking the time to identify customer patterns in your database and sending those customers the right message at the right time can increase your customers’ engagement and activity with you … and that will increase their revenue value!

No matter where you are in identifying the points of your customers’ life cycles, the first key to successfully emailing to them is to choose an email sending partner that meets your needs.

Lancashire Rose blinds take our customers privacy very seriously we only ever email customers who have signed up to our newsletter, These customers have agreed when purchasing from us that they are willing to accept offers.

Please do not spam your customers, or the will become ex customers. We  do not feel it is the place of this article to reccommend an email sending software, but if you know of any good ones, we would be happy to hear from you. Just leave us a comment.


March 25, 2010

So you have built a great new website, your products are excellent and your prices are great.

You have installed our analytics tracking software? You have thousands of visitors per day and life is great.

Wake up, stop dreaming. No one will ever find your website unless you market it effectively.

In this article we are going to look at a very simple concept that should get you back links and hits.

Viral marketing?

Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message’s exposure and influence creating a buzz about a particular post or item.

So how do we go viral? Simple write a great articel that genuinely has somthing to say, be it new, contreversioal or just informative. Then allow comments on it, get others views.

Last you need social netwoking, sites like digg, stumble upon, tecnocrati , twitter etc.

Here is a brief list to get you started:


Happy marketing

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